2.1 Introduction to the Admin Console

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The Admin Console is only visible to system administrators on the desktop (browser or desktop app) in the main menu.


Users, channels, menu items and permissions can be created, customised and managed via this tile. Users can be added to or removed from channels in the Admin Console.
In addition, push message settings can be managed and app statistics can be viewed in "Analytics".

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Once you have received the app, you should explore the following items:

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Here you will find an overview of the most important information about your app:

  • Users: How many employees are active or still locked in the app
  • Operating status: as soon as something is improved or changed in your app, it will be displayed here.
    🚨 Please click once on the link (https://status.flipapp.de/) and subscribe to this site with your email address! You will then receive an email that you need to verify.
    This is the only way to receive important information about maintenance or outages in the app!
  • Recently added users: an overview of the most recently added users.
  • At the bottom right, we have linked all the necessary articles where you can find all the information about the Admin Console. You also have the option of opening the old admin dashboard, which you can find in the top right-hand corner.

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People Management: People

The Users section allows you to create, edit and delete users. The following article explains exactly how this works: How do I create, edit and delete users?

But also take a look at the Excel Import, which allows you not only to create users, but also to:

  • assign them directly to the corresponding channel
  • fill in their profile fields (area, location, position,...)
  • add new channels
  • edit or delete existing users

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Directory: Channels

In the Channels tab, you will find the channels that have already been created using the Excel Import. The channels are now the former posts groups. You can edit the settings (who is allowed to post, is it an open or closed channel,...) for these or create new channels:
How can I create, edit and delete a channel?

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  • Organisation: Adjust the settings for the quiet periods for push notifications (if desired). During this time, no push notifications will be sent to your employees to avoid disturbing them after work or at the weekend. Find out how this works here: How do I set push notifications for all users?
    How can I configure rest periods for push notification?
    Comment reporting feature - activation

  • Navigation: Menu items are displayed as tiles in the user's menu, allowing quick access to relevant content directly from the app. Links can be stored here, for example to the company website or to applications that are relevant to their daily work. Learn how to create menu items and customise their settings:
    How do I create, edit and delete a menu item?

  • Branding: The branding section of the Admin Console allows you to customise your corporate identity by adding your logo and colours. You can also enable dark mode and adjust the colours and logo accordingly. 
    How do I add/change the branding of the app?


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Access & Security

To monitor user authentication issues, all authentication events can be viewed in the Admin Console under Access & Security > Authentication Events.



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Our Flip product roadmap shows you all existing, planned and upcoming features for the app.
You can rate the features according to their relevance to your business or submit your own suggestions. You can also see which ideas have been submitted by other app users.
Read more about the roadmap here: Flip Product Roadmap


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The Analytics tab gives you statistics on the usage of the app. For example, you can see how many users have already registered or how often the app and its features are used.
Note: If the application has been created recently and/or no users have registered yet, some statistics will not show any values. Only after posts have been created, messages have been written and users have been active in the app will meaningful graphics be displayed.

The translation of the graphs into English and an explanation of the structure of the statistics can be found in the following article: Analytics Dashboard: KPI Definitions & FAQ

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Excel import

The Excel import allows you to manage all users at once. Here you can download an Excel list of all your users, edit or delete existing users and add new contributors or contribution groups.
The Excel import allows you to make several changes at the same time:
- Add new users and assign them to channels
- Edit or delete existing users
- Maintain the profile fields (location, area, position,...) of the users
- Add new channels and enter members

How do I use the Excel import?



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