How is the Flip Product Roadmap structured and what do the individual sections mean?

1. Overall structure


The Flip Product Roadmap is divided into 3 sections:

  • "Released": This is an overview of features and improvements that have already been released.
  • "In Progress": Here you will find all features and improvements that are currently being developed.
  • "Coming later": This phase includes features and improvements that are planned for the near future

2. Card details


On the cards of the individual features and improvements, you will find both a general description and explanations of what added value the respective feature offers you.

We are always happy to receive general feedback on the respective feature. You can find out how to send us your feedback in the article "How can I get involved and stay up to date?". If you we have a specific question we need your help with, this will be displayed here as well. The icon in the upper right shows you how many other people have already given feedback on a feature.


Each card visual also has an icon area in the top left corner, indicating on which platform the feature will be released. This will also be shown in the detailed view in the description. The possible platforms are:

"Mobile": This feature will be available on our new mobile app. The old mobile app will generally not receive any new features, exceptions to this will be pointed out specifically.
"Desktop": This feature will be available in our new desktop version
"Admin": This feature will be available in the Admin Console





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