Comment reporting feature - activation

Inappropriate or offensive comments under posts can be reported by any user to create a positive and respectful work environment.

How a comment can be reported is described here: How can I report a comment?

How to activate the feature?

  1. Open the Admin Console. This is only available to system administrators.
  2. Click on the "Organization" section.
  3. In the "Report content" section, check the toggle "Enable report comments."
  4. In the field provided, enter the email address(es) to which the messages should be sent. Confirm each entry by pressing Enter.
  5. Then click on Save.

What happens when a comment is reported?

Once a comment has been reported, an email is sent to the relevant employees who can review it and take appropriate action.

The email contains the following information:

  • First & last name and username of the user who reported the comment.
  • Channel of the post
  • Post title
  • Link to the post
  • First & last name as well as username of the user who posted the comment
  • Content of the comment

The email is currently sent in English.

Note: Only channel administrators can delete comments! Instead of the comment, "This comment has been removed" will be displayed after deletion.

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