How do I add/change the branding of the app?

💡 Dark mode

The dark mode function is now available for the employee app!

The dark mode must be activated once. Depending on the user's device settings, the app can then be displayed in dark mode.

The dark mode theme is currently only available in the new desktop design. All information on activating and using the new desktop design can be found here.

Your own logo and company colors are essential for the appearance of your own employee app. With the branding feature, we give you the opportunity to directly change the appearance of the app and design it according to your own wishes.

You can find the feature in the Admin Console under Settings > Branding.


Logos, icons and colors can be adjusted. All changes made on the left-hand side can be checked in the preview on the right-hand side.

In addition to the light mode, the dark mode can also be configured. The dark mode is displayed in the second tab and works in the same way as the light mode.

Make sure that the logos and colors are clearly visible and have the necessary contrast in both light and dark mode. The dark mode must be activated once. Depending on the user's device settings, the app can then be displayed in dark mode.

Frame 824 (1).png

To save the changes, click on "Save changes" in the respective section below.





The set favicon is only displayed in the browser version in the tab bar. Note the file format, aspect ratio and minimum size specified for the favicon in the Admin Console.



Company logo

The company logo is displayed on the login page, in the menu in the mobile app and in the header in the web version. Note the specified file formats, aspect ratio and minimum size in the Admin Console.




Example of the appropriate image format:Frame 834 (1).png

Branding Colors

Primary color

The primary color is the color of all buttons: For creating a new post or chat and also for sending messages.

Additionally, a color can be set for the font or symbols on these buttons. This color should have a high contrast to the primary color to ensure good readability and can be checked via the specified contrast ratio. We recommend white (#ffffff) for dark primary colors and black (#000000) for light primary colors.


Primary text

If the primary color has a low contrast ratio to the background, an additional primary text color can be set here.
In the desktop version, this is applied to the names of users and channels.
In the mobile app, the primary text color is applied to the text of new messages and to the menu in the footer bar.

We recommend setting the primary text color to the same as the primary color or selecting a slightly darker shade if required.


Secondary color

The secondary color is applied to larger areas, such as the background of chat messages. We recommend a light color here.

The second adjustable color influences the text, which should stand out as well as possible from the underlying secondary color. To achieve this, the contrast ratio should not be too low.


Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio is displayed for all adjustable colors. The contrast ratio is the strength of the contrast between the two set colors (for primary color and secondary color). If only one color can be set, as with the primary and secondary text color, the value refers to the contrast of the color to the background.

As a general rule, the higher the contrast ratio, the better. This relates in particular to the readability of text and the recognizability of symbols.

If the contrast ratio is too low, a warning is displayed.


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