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Our new desktop design is specifically designed to make more efficient use of available screen space and significantly improve the user experience for desktop users with a more intuitive and accessible interface. Among other things, the new design offers the following advantages:

  • 🧭 Improved navigation: Introduction of a new navigation structure that allows for faster switching between menu items and easier navigation within the main functions
  • 😄 Optimized usability: Increased usability, accessibility and consistency through the extensive use of UI components
  • 🔔 Quick access: A redesigned sidebar provides convenient access to further relevant information such as activities or profiles, depending on the context

How do I activate the new design?

Simply click on the deactivated "New design" toggle in the top bar of your newsfeed. The app will then load in the new design.
Note: Existing users who use the employee app as an installed desktop app must perform a so-called hard refresh in order to see the switch button. This can easily be done by using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + R (for Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (for Mac) on the computer.

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How do I get back to the old design?

You can return to the old version at any time by clicking on the activated "New design" toggle in the top bar.

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How can I give feedback?

We are very grateful for suggestions for improvement and error messages and need this feedback to further optimize the new design. You can access the relevant forms via the "Help and feedback" button in the top bar. Thank you very much!

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What's next?

This new desktop design is the basis for many other future improvements such as dark mode support and enhanced branding options.

When this new version has reached a stable state (in about 3-6 months), it will fully replace the old version and become the new standard for all users.

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