How can I create, edit or delete a menu item?

Create a menu item

In the "Settings" area under the item "Navigation" of the Admin Console, menu items can be created independently, which are visible to users in the main menu.

  1. You can add a new menu item with the button "+ Create menu item" at the top right.
  2. A new window will open. Enter a name and a link for the menu item.
    Note: The limit for the name of the menu item is 30 characters.
  3. Click on "Create" to open the further settings for the menu item. Here you can adjust the name, the link, the icon, the background image and the visibility for the users.
  4. After you have saved the other settings, the new menu item appears in the menu of the employee app.

In addition, the order of the menu items can be adjusted later. To do this, use the slider to change the position of the menu item in the overview.



Edit menu item settings


In the tab "Visibility" you can determine which members can see the menu item in the main menu. A distinction is made between "All users" and "Only members of certain channels".

If only certain channel members should have access to the menu item:

  1. With the button "+Assign channel" certain channels can be selected.
  2. In the new window, you can click on the corresponding channels and then assign them to the menu item with "Assign Channel".



Further properties can be adjusted in the "Settings" tab.
Here you must select whether the link behind the menu item should be opened as an iframe or in the browser.

  • "Show as iframe" means that the website is displayed within the app. This function can be tested in advance with the "here" option. The link of the website can be inserted into the iframe tester and checked with the "Render iframe" button. Only if the page has loaded completely, it is also iframe capable.
  • If the iframe tester shows an error message, select the option "Display in system browser".
  • The "Display inside app (Flip Browser)" option is not recommended for most links, as it does not support every URL and display errors may occur on Android devices.

You can also highlight important menu items with an image so that they can be found at a glance. To do this, click on "Change" and then select the desired image. For best results, the image should be square (at least 300 x 300 pixels).
Quick tip: Icons can often be omitted if you place an image behind a menu tile - especially if you place an image with a font behind it.

You can also change the font colour to match the colour of the background image. You can choose between black text, white text with black gradient and white text without black gradient.


In addition to links and intranet links, emails ( or deep links to an app (notion:// can also be used.

  • Mail: With the shortcut "mailto:" e-mails can be linked behind a menu item. Attention! If the user does not have a mail programme installed on their device, the link will not work.
  • Deeplink: Some programs support the function of opening an app directly via a link if it is installed. Which tools support this function and how this deep link is structured for the desired app must be researched in advance and checked individually.

A menu item can also be removed by clicking the "Delete menu item" button at the top right.

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