2.1 Overview: Introduction to your Employee App

Reading time: about 4 minutes

Welcome to step 2 of the onboarding process -Your Admin Training!

You have received the installation instructions and all your credentials and are now ready to start preparing for the launch of the Employee App.

Overview of next steps:

  1. Download the Employee App to your smartphone
  2. Download the employee app to your PC (important for app management)

    Instructions can be found on the second page of the User Data Sheet or here.
    You can find more information about the User Data Sheet here.

  3. Edit your profile: Bringing your profile to life
    To make your profile and future posts more personal, add a profile picture and complete your profile details here.

  4. Lay the groundwork for communication
    Create a chat group, e.g. for your app project team! As soon as your project team is logged into the app, you can use it to share ideas and give feedback.

  5. Explore the Admin Console:
    1. Home: The home page gives you an overview of the number of users, the app status and the most recently added users.
    2. People Management: Create, edit and delete users and reset passwords.
      The onboarding process will take you to this step for a detailed description.
    3. Directory (Channels): Take a look at the settings for each channel:
      1. Who can post in which channel?
      2. Are they allowed to download certain things?
      3. Should a picture or channel description be saved for the channel?
      4. ...

    4. Settings: Set idle times for the app and save or edit menu items where you can integrate websites, Facebook, Instagram, menus, HR applications or other apps.
      1. Customise branding: You may have wondered why the app is not branded with your colours and logo. You can easily do it yourself here: How do I save/change the branding for the app
      2. Organisation:
        1. Pause notifications for a period of time (for all users).
        2. Report content: Enable "Report Comments"
      3. Navigation (expand menu items): Extend the application menu with links (e.g. employee benefits, HR tools, information pages and forms,...)
      4. Access & Security: To monitor user authentication issues, all authentication events can be viewed in the Admin Console.
        Read more about this here: Authentication Events
      5. Analytics: View your Employee App statistics on an ongoing basis and analyse how many people are already using the app, how many posts, messages and comments have been created and much more.
      6. Roadmap: Learn about our features or submit feedback and requests
      7. Excel Import: Manage your users in one place in the future

  6. Discuss with your employee app project team:
    1. How do you want to communicate information about the new Employee App within the company? (company party, staff meeting, flyers, posters,...)
    2. What is important for a successful launch (Appendix 02)
    3. How would you like to send the access data to each person?
    4. What content can you publish first? (Appendix 02)
    5. Do you need to train managers/locations?
    6. If the form and page builder will be used: What content do you want to cover with it?





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