2.3 User data sheets for users

One way of providing employees with user data for the app is to use our ready-made user data sheets.
They contain a brief greeting, the individual username, the initial password and installation instructions for the app so that users can start using the employee app straight away.

During the first user import, we create user data sheets and a template for future user data sheets.
We will send these to you by email via a shared storage location (after the app has been created).

If you create additional users in the future, you can create new user data sheets for them yourself using our template. You are welcome to use the ready-made template that is stored in the shared storage location.
You can also download our standard template under this article. How this can be customised is explained here: How can I create the installation instructions for my users myself?

Instructions for creating new user data sheets

For a small number of users, you can easily change the following data manually:

  1. "first_name" and "last_name_"
  2. "username_"
  3. "password"

For a large import of users, it is advisable to create the user data sheets using a form letter.

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