How can I independently provide the installation guide for my users?

Here you can find the customizable template for the installation guide of your users.
You can fill it in manually as follows:
  • First, add your own company logo in the upper left corner. Then replace the placeholders first_name and last_name with the user's first and last name.
  • In the URL field, enter your specific company URL for the employee app, e.g.
  • To ensure that your employees can quickly and easily access the app for download, add a QR code.
    • To do so, generate a QR code with Add your company URL of the employee app and press the "Download Button".
    • Wait a moment until the image file appears.
    • Now you can save it and paste it in the exact same position in the installation guide by right-clicking on the spot via "Replace image".
  • In the Login data section replace the placeholders username and password with the username and the corresponding password.
  • Tip: If several users need to be edited at the same time, the mail merge function in Word can be used.
  • Enter 8x the company URL on the back of the installation guide both in the address bars and directly in the text.
  • For the placeholders app_name_short you enter the short and app_name_long you enter the long app name. These two can also be identical.
  • Afterwards, save the Word file as PDF.

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