First steps in the app - User

❓ You already installed the app and successfully logged in? (If not, you will find help here.)

🚀 Here you will find suggestions for your start with the employee app:


👤 Fill your profile and give it a face

How can I change my profile details and picture?

How can I enter my e-mail address?


đŸ“Ŗ Activate push notifications so you don't miss anything

How can I adjust push notifications on my smartphone and PC?

How can I mute a channel or group chat?


đŸ’Ŧ Write to your colleagues

How can I start an individual and group chat?

How can I mark a chat as unread?

How can I hide/show or delete a chat?

How do I mention a person in a chat?


📝 Create your first post

How do I create a post?

How do I create an interesting post for my colleagues?


ℹī¸ Further relevant information about the app

What are the best sizes and formats for images and videos in the app?

What is the difference between channels and chat groups?

When do I receive push notifications/activities?

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