How do I create a post?

  1. Navigate to the main item "Channels", which you can find on your smartphone in the lower bar, or on your PC in the upper left corner. Now you can see all the channels in which you are a member.

  2. Select the channel in which you want to create a post.

  3. On the bottom right, you will find the "+ Post" symbol. A new window will open to create a new post.
    If this symbol does not appear, you are not authorised to create a post in this group.

  4. Now choose a headline and the content for your post.
    You can adjust the content according to your wishes using the formatting provider at the bottom right.
    Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-24 um 14.38.29.png

  5. You also have the possibility to add files, images and videos. To do so, click on the paper clip icon.
    💡 Any image added to the post via the paper clip is automatically set as the post's header image.
    If a picture is not to be displayed as the title picture, but only in the text, select the
    Bildschirm_foto_2023-05-26_um_11.29.00.png symbol at the bottom right.
    Note that uploading larger files may take a moment.
    Once the post creation box is highlighted in blue, the attached files are fully uploaded.

  6. If your post is ready, click on "Create" in the upper right corner.

💡 In the post preview, the beginning of the content is also displayed next to the title. Depending on the device, this is limited to a maximum of 4 lines, which corresponds to a total length of approx. 262 (desktop) and approx. 134 characters (smartphone) (depending on the letters and characters used). Everything else is displayed when you open the post.

If there is any small mistake, you can edit your post afterwards.
Just click on the three dots in the top right corner of your post. You can choose between "Delete post" and "Edit post".


💡 If your company has activated the "Post-seen" function, you can see how many people have viewed your post in the bottom right-hand corner of your published post. 




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