You have completed 2 out of 3 steps!

We've done it, the employee app has been set up and you've gained an insight into the role of system administrator and the various functions associated with this role.

Thank you for going through the onboarding process step by step. Please come back to our Flip Support Portal. You will find the Administrator:in onboarding again, as well as lots more information about the app.

The next step for you is to plan the official launch of the employee app in your company.

  • How do we want to prepare the app for employees (planning the first posts in the app)
  • How do we communicate the app to managers and employees?
  • When do we train managers?
  • Do we want PowerUser and if so, who is suitable?
  • ...

To support you in the next steps, we are currently working on a third step - tips and tricks. In this step, we will give you tips on the questions listed above, but also beyond.



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