Add users with the Excel import

  1. Open the Admin Console of your employee app and then navigate to the Excel Import tab.

  2. Download the Excel file and open it.

  3. You can delete the existing entries (horizontal rows) and start with an empty table without existing users. This will speed up the upload later.

  4. Fill in all the required fields for the new users as described below.

  5. Once all the required data has been entered into the table, save the file and upload it to the Admin Console.

Please note:
Columns (vertical) may be hidden, but not deleted!

The following explains how to fill in each column:


Must be filled in for each user

First name:
First name of the user

Last name:
Last name of the user

Assign a username for the user. For example, use the personnel number, an abbreviation or an e-mail address.
Caution: A username must not contain spaces or be entered twice.

Role in the system:
Assign the role in the system using the drop-down menu. You have the choice between system administrator (Admin) or user (User). The special features of the System Administrator role can be found here.



The user ID is automatically created by Flip, so it must not be changed or left blank when importing new users.

Leave field blank.



Only to be filled in if users are to be deleted.

Leave field blank.
How to delete users using the Excel import is explained here.



Must be filled in for each new user

Enter an initial password for each user. When logging in for the first time, it is necessary for the user to set his or her own password.

Attention: The password policy is set to a minimum length of 8 characters by default, i.e. the passwords should be chosen accordingly. If your company's password policy differs, please let your Flip contact know.


Only required for SSO (Single Sign-On)

What is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication method that allows users to log in to multiple independent software systems with one set of credentials. An example of this is Azure Active Directory.

If Single Sign-On is not used to log in: Leave field blank

If single sign-on is used for login: Ask your contact person at Flip what needs to be entered here.



Fields can be filled in, but each user always has the option to manually enter or change this information in the app.

Email address

A business/private email address of the user can be stored here. With the help of this, the user can later reset his or her password independently. If no email address is known and the user does not enter one, the system administrator must reset the user's password if necessary.
Attention: Umlauts and "ß" are not permitted in e-mail addresses. This leads to an error message when uploading the Excel.

Department, Role/Position, Location, Phone, Phone (mobile):
Optionally, you can also store profile information for the users. These details can be manually adjusted by the users themselves after they have logged in.


Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-23 um 13.11.56.png

All existing channels in the employee app are listed here next to each other.

You can add the user to channels under the respective group.
To do this, select in the dropdown menu under the respective channel whether the user in this channel should be given the role of channel owner (admin) or member (member).
You can find out in detail which roles and rights channel owner have here.

Follow this procedure for all your channels.

Please note: Do not delete any existing channels from the table! This will result in all users listed in the Excel spreadsheet being removed from these channels.

Once all the data for the new users has been entered, save the file and upload it to the Admin Console.

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