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💡 This function is an add-on. It is therefore only available if it is included in the scope of functions of your employee app.

With the additional feature of the employee card, we make it possible to display discount or employee cards for each user directly in the Flip app. Temporary (entrance) cards or individual vouchers can also be displayed here.


What is needed to store employee cards?

  1. Access to the employee card feature
    Access data can be requested via the contact person at Flip.
  2. CSV file
    In order to display the employee or discount cards in Flip, a CSV file is required, which must contain the following fields:
    1. The external_id, which is assigned when users are imported via our API or the internal Flip user_id.
    2. A barcode format
    3. The barcodeas a number. We take the barcode display from the information in the CSV file.

How does the CSV file need to be filled in?

CSV example:

external_id user_id format barcode
4555844   CODE128 123456789012
335666   pharmacode 456789012

A template of how the CSV file should be filled in can be found in the appendix of this post.

  1. External ID and/or User ID
    The External ID is available when using the User and Group API.
    If you don't use the API, you can find out the User ID of the users from the Excel file that you can download in your Admin Dashboard of the app.
    ❗️Caution! Please enter each in the external_id field. The user_id column should be left blank.
  2. Barcode format
    Possible barcode formats:
    • CODE128
    • CODE39
    • ITF14
    • MSI,MSI10,MSI11MSI1010MSI1110
    • pharmacode
    • codabar

How do I store employee cards in the app?

  1. Open the Employee Card page via the link you received from your contact person.
  2. Click on "Employee card" in the bar on the left.
  3. Select "Select file" and upload the completed CSV file.
    Attention: A new CSV upload always overwrites all existing data.
  4. Click on "Save settings".
  5. To create the menu item for the employee card in the app, store the displayed URL as an iFrame for a new menu item.
    How to create a new menu item is explained here.


A new CSV upload always overwrites all existing data. If barcodes are to be added for new users, add them to the current CSV file and upload it again.


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