Calendar feature

💡 This function is an add-on. It is therefore only available if it is included in the scope of functions of your employee app.

The calendar function allows you to manage your schedule. This includes the creation of individual/group appointments and the recording of events that affect the entire staff. Your own appointments can be conveniently viewed and managed in mobile and desktop-optimised views.


How do I create an appointment?

  1. To create an appointment or event select the + New event field.
  2. Define the title, a short description, the date or time and the duration of the appointment.
  3. Via the item Invite participants, users inside the employee app can be selected.
    If you want to assign an appointment to a channel, you will find an overview of all channels in your employee app under the item Invite channel. Please note that the assignment to a channel is only reserved for the channel admins of the respective channel.
  4. Using the picture icon and the staple, pictures or necessary documents can be added to the appointment.
  5. After all information and fields have been filled in, the appointment can be published by clicking on Create.

To edit the appointment or add more users, select the already created appointment and click on the  Pencil icon.


Scope of the feature

All the basic functions of a calendar are included:

  • Display of appointments in different views (Extra Desktop View)
  • Anyone can create appointments:
    • Title
    • Description with formatting
    • Day, multi-day, period and multi-day with period
    • Assign people and channels
    • Attach files, pictures, videos and gifs
  • Editing and deleting events
  • Viewing participants and adding and removing them

You can choose between a monthly, weekly and daily view of the calendar. In addition, the upcoming appointments and events are displayed in a compact overview under the Agenda item.


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