How do I mention a person in a chat?

⚙️How do I mention a person?

  • Writing "@" in a chat message triggers the mention option. You will get an alphabetically sorted selection of all the people who can be mentioned in that message. When you start writing a name after the "@", this list is searched.
  • With a click on the desired person, the mention becomes active and highlighted in colour.

After the message has been sent, you can open the profile of the highlighted person via the mention.

If you have been mentioned in a message, you will receive a push message and a badge on the activity bell 🔔.



  • Only people who are part of the chat or chat group can be mentioned.
  • If a person is removed from the group, the mention remains. This person cannot be mentioned again until they are added to the group again.
  • If users are deleted, the mention is deactivated and displayed as @Deleted User.

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