Preparing Automated Publishing for Google Play Store

If you want Flip to publish your app, you need a Google service account. The Google service account gives Flip's automated publishing services access to the publishing interface of Google Play and keeps your app up to date in the Play Store. 

In your Google Developer Console, set up the account first and then add your app.

Preparing to set up the Service Account 

Before you can set up the Google service account, you will need some information from Flip. 
Contact your CS contact and request the following details:

  • Service account name
  • Email
  • Service account description

Creating the Google Service Account

  1. Go to the Google Play Console
  2. Navigate to Setup>API access
  3. Select Create new project and then click Link project.  
  4. Click Create new service Account.
    A dialog explaining the steps for creating the account opens.
  5. In the dialog, click the link to the Google Cloud Platform.
    The Google Cloud Platform opens. 
  6. Click Create service account
  7. Fill in the details that Flip provided for service account name, email, and service account description. 
  8. Click Create.
  9. Navigate to the step Grant this service account access to the project.
  10. Click into the field Select a role. From the filter that opens, select Service Accounts>Service Account User. Then click Continue
  11. Click Done.
    The dialog closes and you are redirected to the overview of service accounts.

The Google service account for Flip is nearly set up. The service account now needs a private key.


Creating a Private Key for the Service Account

  1. In the Google Cloud Platform, navigate to the overview of the service accounts
  2. In the column Actions, open the 3-dot menu and select Create key.
    A dialog to configure the key opens.
  3. Select JSON as the key type and click Create.
    The JSON file is automatically downloaded to your computer. The file browser opens to select the storage location.
  4. In the file browser, click Save.
    A confirmation message confirming that the private key was saved opens.
  5. Click Close on the confirmation message.
  6. Send the JSON key file to Flip in a secure way, for example, as a zip file with strong password protection.

The Google service account is now set up with a private key. To finalize the set up, add the key to your Google Play Console to grant Flip access to your app.


Inviting the Google Service Account to Your Google Play Console 


You already have the app profile in the Play Store. If you have not yet created an app profile for your new app, set it up first. Creating an app profile does not mean your app needs to be published and the details in the app profile can always be updated later.

  1. Return to the Google Play Console after setting up the Google Service Account in the Google Cloud Platform. 
  2. Navigate to Settings>API access.
    The newly added Google service account is listed under the section Service accounts.
  3. Click Grant access for the Google service account.
  4. Select the tab App permissions
  5. Open the dropdown menu Add app and select your app.
  6. Click Apply.
    The Permissions for your app open in a new dialog. 
  7. Configure the App permissions if necessary and click Apply.
    The permissions dialog closes and you return to the app permissions overview where your app is now listed. 
  8. Select the tab Account permissions.
    The permissions are displayed on the tab.
  9. Enable the following app and account permissions:
    • Create, edit, and delete draft apps
    • Release to production, exclude devices, and use app signing by Google Play
    • Release apps to testing tracks
    • Manage testing tracks and edit tester lists
    Store presence
    • Manage store presence
  10. Click Invite user.
    A confirmation dialog opens to send the invitation for the Google Service Account.
  11. Click Send Invitation.
    An email is sent to finalize the setup of the Google service account.

The Google Service account now has the required permissions, and your app will be published with Flip's automated publishing services.


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