How do I create a survey?

💡 This function is an add-on. It is therefore only available if it is included in the scope of functions of your employee app.

A survey can be created by any user as long as they have the authorisation to create a post in the corresponding channel. How to create a post is explained in this article: How do I create a post?

  1. To create a survey in your post, click on the "survey icon" which is displayed at the bottom.
  2. Now you can define the title of your survey, an optional description and answer options.
  3. The number of answer options is limited to 5 and can contain up to 35 characters. Selecting multiple choices at once is not possible.
  4. Your post including the survey is ready and you want to share it with your colleagues? Then simply click the "Create" button in the top right-hand corner.



Please note: Surveys in a post can not be edited after publication, but only removed or added as a whole. For planned posts, the survey can be adjusted until the publication.

If a user votes after publication, they can change their vote, but it can not be taken back.

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