How can existing groups be filled (updated) via the API?

It can happen that groups were created manually via the employee app or the Excel import and are subsequently to be filled with users via the API. This can be done in three simple steps. If the groups were created via the API, step 3 is sufficient.

  1. Query groups
    In this case it is first necessary to query the "group_id" via the "Get all existing groups" request. All groups that do not have an "external_id" in the response were either created manually in the app via Excel import or via the Admin Dashboard.

  2. Assign external_id
    Afterwards, these groups must be assigned an "external_id" via the "Create or update multiple groups at once" request. To do this, the value from the previous request and the group name "name" must be entered for the "group_id" field.

  3. Adding users to groups
    In order to add the users to this group, the "group_external_id" of this group and the corresponding "group_role", i.e. the role of the users in the group, should be entered in the field "group_membership".


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