How can I edit channel information and manage channel members ?

The following is only available for channel administrators:

  1. To edit the channel information and the channel members of a specific channel, first select the desired channel. On your smartphone, you can open the channel information by clicking on the channel name at the top.
  2. Click on the ‘Members’ button to open the overview of members.
  3. Members can be edited there using the three-dot menu. The following options are available: ‘Make channel administrator’ or ‘Downgrade to member’ and ‘Remove from channel’.
  4. New members can also be added using the ‘+’ button. These can be found more quickly using the search function and then added to the channel using the ‘Add’ button.

In the channel information, there is also the option to mute this channel so that you no longer receive push notifications. This is only possible for yourself and not for others.
On the desktop, you can mute the channel via the three-dot menu.



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