Installation Android smartphone

1. Install the app

Open the Google Chrome Browser on your smartphone and enter the URL of your company's employee app e.g. or scan the QR code on your installation guide.

You don't know the URL of your employee app? Here you can find help: Where can I find the right URL for my company?



Download the "Employee App" via the Install Button. After that, open the app on your home screen.


2. Log in

As soon as the login screen opens, you can log in with your login details.


3. Enter your e-mail address

Note: This is only possible if you have specific credentials for the app that you do not use for other programmes in your company.

After installing the employee app, you should enter a private or business email address in your settings menu to recover your password.
This email address is private and will only be used to reset your password. It cannot be seen by any of the other users.




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