Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your workflow faster on desktop, you can use specific keyboard shortcuts and enhanced keyboard navigation. These tools help you use the app more efficiently.

You can see a list of all shortcuts anytime by going to the Help and feedback button > Keyboard shortcuts, or by pressing "shift + ?".

The shortcuts are divided into three categories:

  • General (works in news, chats, tasks, calendar and employee directory)
  • News (for the newsfeed and posts)
  • Chats (for chats, their feeds, and messages)



Search and Selection

  • Use “cmd/ctrl + K” to enter the search bar.
  • As soon as you see the search results you can access them with the “Arrow-down” key. Press “Enter” to open to the selected result.

Create New Item

  • On news, chats, tasks and calendar, press “N” to open the editor for a new post, chat, task or event.
  • Publish the new item with “cmd/ctrl + Enter”.

Route navigation

  • You can open the different menu items in your main navigation (News, Chats, …) with the key combination “option/alt + number”. The number is the position in the main menu (starting with 1 and ending with 9).


  • You can navigate through the newsfeed or the channel feed with the keys “J” (next post) and “K” (previous post). The first press of “J” or “K” selects the newest post in the feed.
  • If a post is selected (indicated with blue border), you can interact with it using different keyboard shortcuts.
    • Press “R” to add a reaction. After you see the popup with the different reactions use the “arrow keys left and right” to select and “Enter” to confirm your desired reaction.
    • Press “C” to jump to the comment section and start to write your comment.
    • Press “S” to save the post for later


  • The navigation inside a chat is very similar to the newsfeed. Use “J” and “K” to navigate through the chats (”J” to go down and “K” to go up).
  • Press “R” to add a reaction to the selected message.
  • Press “A” to reply to the selected message

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