How can I pin a comment?

💡 This feature is currently only available in the new desktop design. All information on activating and using the new desktop design can be found here.

You can pin a comment under your post at the top of the comment bar. Use this functionality to highlight the most important comment so that everyone can see it more quickly.


🖥️ Desktop (only in the new desktop design)

  1. Click on the three-dot menu next to the comment you want to pin.
  2. Select "Pin to top".
  3. The comment is now displayed at the top of the comment feed.

Further notes

  • Only the post creator or the channel administrator can pin a comment.
  • Only one comment can be pinned. If another comment is pinned, the first pinned comment will be removed.
  • The pinned comment can be removed again using the three-dot menu.
  • Only parent comments and no replies to comments can be pinned.


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