How do I create a Newscast (Digital Signage)?

The Newscast app is a slideshow that shows the posts from a specific user's newsfeed in a large format. The slideshows are accessible via a URL that can be called up using an 8-32 digit ID.

Users do not need authentication to view the contents of the slideshow, just the URL.

The Newscast also has the option of displaying a QR code. After scanning the QR code, the employee is taken directly to the article displayed.

The Newscast can be accessed on any Internet-enabled device via the browser and is therefore ideal for large screens in open areas, such as the canteen.

What does the newscast look like?

zendesk_newscast_EN.pngWhat information is required for this?

To configure the Newscast, please contact your Customer Success contact person with the following information:


1. Name of the Tenant:

E.g.: Flip

2. Tenant-URL


3. Title
Has no other function/use than naming the slideshow for those who maintain the configuration.

E.g.: Flip Newscast 1

4. Username
Username for the actual Flip user who retrieves channel posts from Flip (similar to the user's newsfeed)

E.g.: Newscast1

5. Password

Password for the actual Flip user who retrieves channel posts from Flip (similar to the user's newsfeed)

E.g.: **************

Please make sure that the user has logged in to the app at least once to avoid problems when assigning new passwords.

6. Number of days for which posts should be displayed retroactively.

A number of days for which the posts should be retrieved. If the value is set to ‘10’, the posts from the last 10 days will be displayed in the slideshow. However, there is a limit of 100 posts that can be displayed in the newscast slideshow.

E.g.: 14

7. Duration in seconds

E.g.: 30

The duration determines how long a single post is displayed before the next one appears. The value is specified in seconds.

8. QR-Code

E.g.: Yes or No

Specifies whether a QR code should be displayed in the slideshow that takes the user to the app when scanned and then to the post that was displayed when scanned.


You will then receive a URL. You can use this URL to call up the Newscast from the respective end device.


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