How to add channels based on user groups?

1. Activate channels based on user groups

If you have not activated channels based on user groups yet and you want to manage the channels based on user groups, contact your Customer Success Manager and they will activate it for you. This only needs to be done one time.


2. Assign managing user group to a channel

After activating user groups, a managing user group must be selected during channel creation. Additionally, user groups can now be selected for channel assignments of users.

By default, all existing channels are managed by the root user group.

All user group owners can manage (edit and manage members) the channels managed by those user groups. Selecting a managing user group doesn’t add any members to the channel.

To fully utilize this benefit of decentralized channel management, all channels must be assigned to the correct managing user group. E.g. Channels relevant for the country Germany should be assigned to a user group “Germany”.


3. Assign user group users as members

To avoid manually managing channel members (assignments), user groups can be assigned to channels to handle all channel assignments of users automatically. This means that all the members of the assigned user group are assigned automatically to the respective channel.

Manually assigned users are overwritten by assigned user groups.


4. Add owner role to users of user groups

To allow access for other users to the admin console with partial access to channels, they must be added as owners of a user group.

To allow other users to manage the individual channel in the admin console, they must be added as owners of the user group that is selected

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