Invite Flip to your Google Play Console account

If you invite Flip to your Google Play Console account, Flip can manage your app in the Google Play Store. Flip handles creating and updating the app's Play Store page, publishes the latest version after each release, and resolves any app rejection issues.


Create Android-App

To start the Google processes and set up the settings correctly, it is best to start with an empty app. As this app is not published directly, it does not yet have any content and many settings can be adjusted later. For example, the name of the app does not have to be final.

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Console with your login details.
  2. Navigate to All apps > Add app.
  3. Select the language of the app (The language in the final app can be changed later.)
  4. Enter the app name. (The name of the final app can be changed later.)
  5. Select the App type for your app.
  6. Mark your app as free.
  7. If you agree with the laws, conditions and guidelines in the Declarations section, please confirm the following:
    - Program Guidelines for Developers
    - Export regulations of the USA
  8. Click on Add app.


Invite Flip to your Google Play Console account


  • You are registered with the Google Play Console
  • You have the role of administrator in the Google Play Console
  • You have received an email from Flip with the name and email address you need for the invitation
  • You have created an app
  1. Log in to the Google Play Console.
  2. Navigate to Users and permissions in the left navigation bar
  3. Click on Invite new users.
  4. Enter the email address you received from Flip under User details
  5. Switch to the App permissions tab.
  6. Select the app you created previously.
  7. Click on Apply.
  8. Select the Admin permission (all permissions) in the app permissions.
  9. Click on Apply.
  10. Click on Invite users.

An invitation is now sent to Flip. Flip can only access the app you have set up.


Next Step:

→ Prepare automatic publishing in the Google Play Store

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