Register for the Google Play Console

To publish the branded app in the Google Play Store, your company needs a Google Play Console account.

If your company already has a Google Play Console account, you can proceed directly with this step.


Create a Google Account

  1. Register with Google for a Google account or check whether a Google account already exists for your company. You can also use a Google Workspace account.


Create a Google Play Developer Account

The Google Play Console is the platform you use to manage your branded app in the Google Play Store. The one-time registration costs $25 and it can take up to 5 days for Google to process the registration.

  1. Register for the Google Play Console. You can find more information in the Play Console Help.
  2. For your Google Play Console account, enter the name of your organization/company under Public developer name. The public developer name is displayed in the Google Play Store and means the legally responsible entity, which in your case is your organization. Do not use the name of an employee or "Flip", as this can lead to problems with the Play Store review of your app.
  3. Enter an e-mail address to contact us. The e-mail address is not publicly visible. You can use the following e-mail addresses:
    - an e-mail address of your organization
    - a Gmail address of your organization's Google account
  4. Please confirm the identity of the account holder for the Google Play Console account you have created. This is required to publish your app on Google Play. The documents to prove identity may vary depending on the region. The process can take up to 2 working days. You can find more information in the Google Console Help.
  5. You have successfully registered and verified your Google Play Console account.


Next Step:

→ Invite Flip to your Google Play Console account



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