Branded App distribution

If you have purchased the branded app package, you can publish your own Flip app in your own Google Play and Apple App Store accounts. We offer two options:

  • You can grant us access to your app stores, and we will handle the setup and updates.
  • Alternatively, you can manage the app yourself and perform regular updates.

We recommend letting Flip manage the app deployment in the app stores. This ensures your users always have access to the latest version with the latest features, and you avoid any ongoing additional work.



To create a branded app for you, we require your app icons and graphics so that your app is recognizable as your own.

→ Create app icons and graphics


Managed App Store distribution (recommended)

With managed app store distribution, we handle setting up your app in your Google Play and Apple App Store accounts. We also ensure your users can always access the latest version with the latest features.

→ Managed App Store Verteilung


Own App Store distribution

With your own app store distribution, you set up the app store accounts yourself and take care of updates. In this case, you will receive an .abb and .ipa file from us to upload to the app stores. Please note that we only support the latest two app versions.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to set this up.


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