Publication, integration and testing of pages and forms in the app

Once you have created a static page, you can place it as a menu tile in the employee app.

1. Steps to save the page as a menu tile

  1. Publish the page: Click on "Publish" in the top right-hand corner after you have created the page.
  2. Confirmation of publication: Click on "Publish" again. This will open a new display in the right-hand column, where you can copy the link to the static page.
  3. Open the Admin Console in the employee app: Go to the Admin Console in the employee app.
  4. Navigation to the menu tile setting:
    1. Click on the "Settings" tab and then select "Navigation".
    2. Click "+ Add menu item".
    3. Paste the URL and name the menu item: Paste the previously copied URL of the WordPress page into the field provided. Name the menu item accordingly.
    4. Leave the link setting on "Show in system browser".

2. Testing the menu item

To ensure that everything is displayed correctly and links are opened correctly, you can make the menu item visible for a specific channel for the time being. A "test channel" or a channel in which only you and your project team are members is suitable for this. Create such a channel if you don't have one yet. You may need this more often. Open the menu item on different devices (desktop & mobile). 💡 Note: As a precaution, test a form on your cell phone or in incognito mode. If you test it on desktop and are still logged into WordPress, certain "OIDC fields" (hidden fields) may not be transferred correctly.

3. Link static pages in the article

  1. Copy the link of the static page generated after publication (from WordPress).
  2. Create a post and link the static page in the post text.

By following these steps, you can easily integrate a created page as a menu tile in the employee app and provide users with easy access to important information.

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