How do I create a static page?

1. Creation of theme pages

To create a static page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Pages" tab. Here you can edit the existing pages or create a new topic page by clicking on "Create".
  2. After clicking on the "+" button, a bar with a large number of modules opens on the left.

2. Use of templates

Follow these steps to use a template:

  1. Click on "Create new page" in the page overview.
  2. As soon as the new page has been created, click on the plus sign "Toggle block inserter".
  3. The Blocks, Templates and Media items are available here. The "Templates" tab can be selected here.
  4. Simply select the appropriate template from the list displayed. This is automatically adopted and can then be customized accordingly.

The following templates are currently available:

  • Vacation request
  • Document storage with subpages
  • Easy document storage
  • Standard IT request
  • Standard landing page

The templates can be customized. They are used for general structuring.

3. What formatting options do I have for the pages?

You have various formatting options for designing your static page: You can find these by clicking on the "+" in the editing mask.

  • Text

    • Paragraph
    • Heading
    • List
    • quote
    • code
    • details
    • Preformatted
    • Pullquote
    • table
  • Media

    • Picture
    • Gallery
    • Audio file
    • File πŸ’‘Note: If you integrate a PDF into your page, the setting "Open in a new tab" must not be activated.
  • Design

    • Buttons β†’ Link further pages, create a menu with the buttons.
    • Columns β†’ Display content in several columns, adding blocks to each column.
    • Separators β†’ Separate your content using a horizontal separator.
  • Widgets

    • RSS FEED β†’ Show entries from any RSS or Atom feed.
    • Search β†’πŸ’‘Note: The search searches all published static pages. No restrictions are possible here.
    • WPForms β†’ Among other things, you also have the option of integrating forms into a page here. Use the "WPForms" module for this. Before a form can be integrated, it must be created. Instructions for creating a form
  • Embeddings

    • Embed β†’ Add a block that displays content from other websites such as Twitter or YouTube.
    • YouTube β†’ Embed a YouTube video.
    • Vimeo β†’ Embed a Vimeo video.

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