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How often and at what times is synced?

The Flip Syncer syncs twice a day. Usually this happens at 14:00 in the afternoon and at 02:00 at night.

Due to the fact that the Flip Syncer is tested again and again, it can happen that it is synced at other times.

How can channel administrators be managed?

There are two different ways to manage the channel administrators.

1. in the AD, owners can be set in the individual groups. These are then read by the Flip Syncer and set as channel admins in the Flip app.

2. in the admin console you can manually set admins for the channels.

How can users be deleted? Are users who are deleted from the AD automatically deleted in the Flip app?

For security reasons, there is no automatic mechanism that deletes users from the Flip system.

Users that are deleted in AD are deactivated by the Flip Syncer in the app. This happens during the next sync. The user will then no longer be able to log in to the app with their data. For the other users in the app, however, the chats with the deleted user are still visible.

If users have been deleted in the AD, feel free to let us know so we can start a one-time sync of the Flip Syncer to delete the disabled users.

Posts and chats of the user are still displayed in the app, but the user himself is only displayed as “Deleted user”. Furthermore, the deleted user is no longer displayed in the employee directory. Also, as a member in the channels, the deleted user will no longer be displayed. Once a user has been deleted, this can no longer be undone.

How do I know whether a channel is created by flip syncer or manually? It is not visible whether a channel was created via the Flip Syncer or manually.
How do I know which channel settings can be adjusted for channels created and synced by flip syncer? All options that can be changed in the Admin Console when creating a channel can also be changed using the Flip Syncer. All selected functions and adjustments should be communicated with us so that they can be implemented using the Flip Syncer.
Which manual adjustments will be overwritten? Changes to the functions that take place via the Flip Syncer will always be overwritten by the Flip Syncer.
How do I get my user profiles into Flip? What is possible?

Mapping fields in Flip and in Azure AD are fixed, i.e. they cannot be changed. Therefore, the Flip Syncer can only take fixed fields from AD.

Azure AD – Flip
Department –Department
Job Title – Role/ Position
Office Location – Location
Business phone – Phone
Mobile phone – Phone (mobile)

However, we can read any fields from Azure AD and display them in the "About Me" field.

How are system admins determined? In the AD, a group must be created that contains all the users that will be created as admin in the app.
How does the Flip Syncer know which groups and users to read in the AD? Rules for your Azure AD
Can I use a group that contain other groups as a Channel on Flip? It is possible to use nested groups. The Flip Syncer will read all users of the nested groups in the group and create a channel for this group with all users on Flip.

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