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A deep link can be used to link to a chat with a person, even if there is no chat with this person yet.

💡What is a deep link? A deep link takes users directly to a specific location in the employee app without any detours.

🚨Important: Only employees who already use the employee app can open a chat by clicking on the link!


How can a deep link to a chat be created?

The deep link is structured as follows:


Here again in text form to be able to copy the link directly:

Copy the black components into your link as shown in the illustration.
Please adjust the orange components as follows:

  1. Domain
    Insert the domain of your employee app here

  2. User ID
    Insert the user ID of the user with whom the chat is to be created.
    Where can I find the User-ID?
    When using the API: Can be requested via the API.
    If you do not use the API:
    1. Go to the admin dashboard of your app to "Excel Import".
    2. Download the Excel file via "Download user info in excel".
    3.1 If you have already imported users this way in the past, you will find the user ID in the green column "User ID" next to the username of the corresponding user. Copy and paste it into the link.
    3.2 If there is nothing in the "User ID" column, upload the Excel file in the Admin Dashboard under Excel Import. As soon as the upload was successful, download the Excel file again as described in step 2. The User ID should now be available in the User ID column. Copy and paste it into the link.

  3. Content
    If you want a prescribed text to appear in the text field when you open the chat, paste it here.
    If this is not desired, the link ends with the User-ID.

Where can such a deep link be used?

  • Menu tile in the app, e.g. as a reference to a specific contact person
  • QR code that can be printed on posters, for example
  • Internal web pages or static pages in the employee app

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