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A deep link can be used to link to a chat with a person, even if there is no chat with this person yet.

💡What is a deep link? A deep link takes users directly to a specific location in the employee app without any detours.

🚨Important: Only employees who already use the employee app can open a chat by clicking on the link!


How can a deep link to a chat be created?

The deep link is structured as follows:


Here again in text form to be able to copy the link directly:

Copy the black components into your link as shown in the illustration.
Please adjust the orange components as follows:

  1. Domain
    Insert the domain of your employee app here

  2. User ID
    Insert the user ID of the user with whom the chat is to be created.
    Where can I find the User-ID?
    When using the API: Can be requested via the API.
    If you do not use the API:
    1. Go to "People management" in the Admin Console of your app.
    2. Search for the user for whom you want to create a link to their chat and open their profile.
    3. Under their name you will find the note "ID" followed by a combination of letters and numbers. Copy this ID and paste it into your link.

  3. Content
    If you want a prescribed text to appear in the text field when you open the chat, paste it here.
    If this is not desired, the link ends with the User-ID.

Where can such a deep link be used?

  • Menu tile in the app, e.g. as a reference to a specific contact person
  • QR code that can be printed on posters, for example
  • Internal web pages or static pages in the employee app

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