Adding a channel with the Excel import

  1. Download the Excel file from the Admin Console and open it.

  2. Add the new channels as described below.
    Tip: Delete all rows (horizontally) of the users from the Excel that are not to be added to the new channel. This will speed up the upload later.

  3. Once all the necessary data has been entered or changed in the table, save the file and upload it to the Admin Console.

Please note:
Columns (vertical) can be hidden, but not deleted!


If you only add channels, you only have to edit the columns and rows in the category "Groups".
If you also want to change other data or add users, you will find help in these posts:
Add users with the Excel import
Change user data/group membership with the Excel import

The following explains how to fill in each column:


Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-23 um 13.11.56.png
All existing channels in the employee app are listed here next to each other.

To add new channel, use the empty channel columns. If there are none, duplicate existing ones to the right of the existing ones.
Caution: Do not delete existing channels from Excel! This would result in all users included in the list being removed from the channels.

The channel name must be entered under "Channel name". The field "Channel-ID" must be left blank.

Below this, you can use the dropdown menu to select whether the respective user in this channel is to be given the role of channel admin (admin) or member (member). You can find out in detail which roles and rights channel admins have here.

Perform this procedure for all your channels.


Please note: Do not delete any existing channels from the table! This will result in all users listed in the Excel spreadsheet being removed from these channels.


Once all data is entered, save the file and upload it to the Admin Console.

Tip: Delete all rows (horizontally) from the Excel where nothing has been changed to speed up the upload.

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