How do I create an abscence note?

Abscence notes can be stored in the app. This way, all colleagues can see when you will not be available.

How do I create an abscence note?

  1. Click on your profile picture. This will take you to the settings.
  2. Select "Abscence note" or "Add on leave message".
  3. Select a start and end date and optionally add a short text. Here you can, for example, enter the name of your substitute. To do this, type @ followed by the name of the substitute and select the person from the suggestions.
  4. Click on "Save".

Your abscence note is now stored for the selected period.
As soon as the end date is reached, the note is automatically deleted. If you return early, you can delete it manually by selecting "Delete absence note" in the abscence note.

Who can see my abscence note?

Every user can see your abscence note - both in your profile and in the private chat with you.
In the chat the banner "On leave, back on..." is displayed. If you click on the banner, the individual text that was saved appears.
If a substitution has been marked, the user is forwarded to the profile of the substitution by clicking on the displayed name.
In your profile, you can see whether you currently have an absence note and when the last day of your absence is.

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