"Post-seen" function

💡Note: To activate this feature, you need to give your consent. Please approach your contact person at Flip. We will then activate the function. 

With the "seen" feature on posts, you get a better understanding of how many users see the posts in the app and what content is popular.

⚙️ Functionality

Who sees the number of views?

  • The creator of the post
  • The channel administrator of the channel in which the post was posted

When is a post marked as "seen"?

  • A post is marked as seen as soon as the detail view of a post is opened.
  • A post is marked as seen when a post is visible on the end device for at least 4 seconds, both in the newsfeed and in the channels.
  • The function is enabled for all channels and posts.
  • It can take up to 3 minutes until a post that has been read is also displayed as read.

Further information

  • The only visible part is the number of views of a post in the lower right corner. We use an ID to check who has seen a post to make sure no user is counted twice.
  • If this feature is disabled, we do not collect information about how many users have seen a post.
  • The analysis is completely anonymous, administrators cannot see who has seen the post.
  • The tracking of the "seen" function also works for posts from the past, but only for views from the time the function is activated. This means that the information is only meaningful for posts that were shared after activation.


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