Creation and publication of pages and forms

💡 This function is an add-on. It is therefore only available if it is included in the scope of functions of your employee app.

If an account has been created for you for the admin interface, you will receive a system-generated e-mail with your initial access data and the request to enter your own password.

The relevant tabs for you are "Pages" and "WP Forms".


Creating theme pages

  1. By clicking on the tab "Pages" you will get an overview of all the pages you have created so far. Here you can edit the existing pages or create a new theme page by clicking on "Create".

  2. After clicking on the "+" button, a bar opens on the left with a variety of building blocks. With the help of these modules, you can compile your individual theme page via drag and drop.
    Among other things, you also have the option of integrating forms into a page. Use the "WPForms" module for this.

Before a form can be integrated, it must first be created.

We will explain how to create a form in the next step.


Creating forms

To create a form, click on the tab "WP Forms".

Here you will see a view of all the forms you have already created.

  1. You can add a new form using the "Add new form" button in the upper area.
  2. Here you have the option of creating a blank form or selecting a template, which you can adapt as required.
  3. Here you have the option of using a large selection of modules. By clicking on the corresponding field on the left, this module is added to the form.
  4. Individual modules can also be copied or deleted from the form. Clicking on the respective module opens these options at the top right of this field.

The order of the modules can also be changed afterwards via drag and drop.

If you click on a module in your form, the corresponding field options open on the left-hand side.


Here you can change the name of the module (label).

In the case of modules with different selection options (multiple choice / dropdown), these can be defined here.

Here you also have the option of marking a field as mandatory by activating "Required".



In the advanced and intelligent options you can make more detailed settings.


Specify the recipient of a form

Under the tab "Settings" → "Notifications" you can specify the e-mail address to which the information of the filled form is to be sent.

You can also specify which information the mail should contain.


Hidden fields

With the "Hidden field" module, certain information can be sent automatically and does not have to be entered manually by the end user (e.g. surname, first name, date or e-mail address).

To do this, go to the field options of a hidden field and click on "Show smart tags" in the Default value field. Select the desired option here.


Conditional notification logic

If the recipient of a form is dependent on a certain value, a logic can be stored for this.


If "Department 1" is selected in the Department field, the mail is to be sent to "E-mail address 1".

If "Department 2" is selected in the Department field, the mail is to be sent to "E-mail address 2".

To do this, activate the "Conditional logic" in the notification settings.

In order to store the logic of this example, clone the notification and store "E-mail address 2" here as the recipient mail and replace "Department 1" with "Department 2" in the conditional logic.

You can repeat this process as often as you like to set up multiple notifications.


Implementing page/form into the app

After the page has been created, you can add it to the employee app as a menu tile. To do this, click on "Publish" in the upper right corner.

Confirm this by clicking on "Publish" again. A new display will open in the right column, where you can now copy the link to the static page/form.

Now open the Admin Console in the employee app.

In the Admin Console, select the "Settings" tab and then "Navigation". Add a new menu item by clicking on "Create menu item".

Paste the URL of the page in the provided field and name the menu item.

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